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“YMCMB These Niggas Make It So Hard To Be Friendly When I Know Part Of Its Envy ; Tryna Fill The shoes, Nigga So Far These Are Empty ; I Take Em Off In The House Because The Throw Carpets Are Fendi.” #Drakee ♥__
♥“I think positively, you can’t harm me mentally, not physically, not spiritually, you’ll never get rid of me.” #Lil Wayne
“Dear God, I am only what you made and I appreciate everything that you gave me, but like I don’t want to do it no more. Sort of lost sight of what I’m doing it for.” #Nicki Minaj B) ♥ YMCMB Bitchh ♥

Quotes B)

YMCMB Bitchh ♥

That Barbiee’s Storyy B) ♥

;I Tweet What I Fuckin Feel Like Cause Im Cool B)

Its Not Your Fault Im A Bitch ; Im A MuddaFuckin MONSTER B) follow me on twitter @RealiistBarbiie :D ♥

i am’ YMCMB Bitchh ♥

dare to be different! 7.10.11

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